the lit of conjuring

OK. I must admit that, unlike most of the other things I've treated with their own pages on this site, this is strictly amateur hour. I've been working on magic for a couple of years, almost exclusively cards. I've been obsessed and working like hell whenever I can. I've studied the history of conjuring as well, and I'm interested in it philosophically; somehow it seems to get toward the esence of truth, and I will write an esay about that. But to handle a deck of cards the way I'd like to, I think 5-10 years is realistic, at least for me. I won't review any books below unless I've worked my way at least partly through, but it's worth keeping in mind that the person doing that is a piker. That might be good if you're also a piker, see? But all professional magicians know icomparably more than I do.

essay: how to escape

preface to the all-time classic of card work the expert at the card table, by s.w. erdnase

syllabus of my course at the maryland institute college of art, spring '04: conjuring and illusion